BE IT(Information Technology)

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (BE IT), the latest and most modern outcome of computer science and data communication, is a four-year eight-semester program. The course structure of this program is based on American and Australian trends which are followed internationally. This degree combines the fields of Computer science and Information Communication Technology that provides the knowledge and skills required to design, develop and implement both the hardware and software components in today’s technological world. After completion of this course, students can work both in academic and professional sectors within and outside of the country. Students with this degree get multitude of opportunities to build their professional careers during their four-year study at college. As an academic institute, we prepare our students with solid theoretical knowledge aided by practical at laboratory and real-life experience in the related fields.

Career Prospects

Development experts and economists have been describing Nepal as a virgin land for development of information technology. Booming IT sector in Nepal has plenty of jobs for IT engineering graduates. IT engineers can start their career as a software programmer, information communication technology project designer, analyst and developer, computer scientist, business analyst, systems designer, computer engineer, computer systems officer and E-commerce specialist etc. They can also work in academic sector such as colleges, universities, and research institutes both in private government level. Other fields like and public industries, government departments, business organizations, commercial organizations and the manufacturing sector etc .can also be chosen as career fields.

Career Opportunities:

  • Information Management
  • Software Development
  • System Engineering
  • Networking
  • Academia
  • Research Centers
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Artificial intelligence and automation