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Everest Engineering College

Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering

The field of Civil Engineering is among the oldest branches of engineering and it deals with the study of designing, constructing and maintaining infrastructure facilities for residence, transportation, and production necessary for human civilization. In addition to this, it refers to technologies to conserve the nature and achieve sustainable society.

The Department of Civil Engineering strives for excellence in teaching and learning and professional development. Well-qualified and competent faculties with well equipped labs are committed to provide an excellent teaching methodology for nurturing the students into excellent engineers as well as good human beings.

The students here are encouraged to engage in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities which are essential for personality development, nurturing of team spirit and development of organizational skills. We aspire to mould our students into globally competent and well chiseled Civil Engineers who can meet the challenges of technological advancement. All efforts are also being made to inculcate social values and professional ethics in our students to face the current as well as future global standards.

Please feel free to visit our website for any details that you look for. We always seek for constructive suggestions that can enhance the departmental efficiency and fame to reach the topmost class.